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Grizzly Man/Treadwell/Herzog Thread

A discussion thread appears over at my blog, Mere Words, about Grizzly Man, Herzog, and Treadwell. The specific post that started it all is entitled "Grisly Man." Feel free to join in, if you like.
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They could at least...spell it right, you know? :\

Hello. I am the "they" you refer to. I wrote the above post, within which I cannot, upon re-reading it now, locate any misspellings. If you'd care to point "it" out to me, I'd be more than obliged to make any necessary corrections. Thanks.
Oh...I'm sorry. :('s spelled Grizzly not Grisly.
No, the original post is about Klaus Kinski, the subject of another Herzog film, not Timothy Treadwell. I was making a play on the word grizzly by using the word grisly -- which is spelled correctly.

You might want to fully read what you criticize (and not do so in such a snide manner -- emoticon and all).
In no way was I trying to be rude. I thought that someone was criticizing Timothy Treadwell by misspelling the word. And as I've said already I appologize.